Christian Radio for the East Bay

The goal of 96.9 KEPT FM is to worship God before a watching world, and to represent the Gospel of Jesus through local programming, by featuring both talk & music that will encourage & educate Christians with :

• Christian music, testimonies of faith and service, on-air prayer times and Bible teaching, including explanation of Christian beliefs and other educational programs.
• Making local churches and ministries known and regularly encouraging people to attend and get established in a local body of believers.
• Interaction with local communities through news, Public Affairs programming and public service announcements.
• Highlighting of local family friendly events and ways to help believers to become salt and light in their communities.

Please consider supporting us in any of the following ways:

• Pray for the building, running and effectiveness of this ministry and that God will receive glory through it.
• Spread the word! Take every opportunity to let your friends, family and co-workers know about 96.9 KEPT FM.
• Make tax deductible financial donations- just hit one of the Donate buttons on this page. Your help is always welcome!
• Let us know if your church or ministry is interested in having an opportunity to broadcast on 96.9 KEPT FM.